Wear & Share Your Story

What Make Us jBloom

jBloom was founded by Jennifer Bonacorsi in 2013.
What started with hand stringing jewelry in her basement with her four young daughters running around has blossomed into what is now known as jBloom!

While our specialty is creating meaningful, custom and permanent jewelry that provides a way to Wear Your Story, jBloom is so much more.

When you look at our Designers, you will see that they are here to change the world. Like us, they are using their business in a unique way to give back, lift women up, and create a field of wildflowers in their own communities.

As a woman on the go, I’m always looking for jewelry to help me complete my look. Whether I’m wearing a hoodie or dressed up a bit, jBloom always has what I love!

Fun Facts About jBloom

  • We specialize in custom personalized jewelry
    • I can help you take a special signature or picture and put it on a piece of jewelry
  • Our Permalinx permanent jewelry doesn’t require welding
    • We have a secure closure that is safer than using a welder next to your skin
  • We have 2 exclusive subscription boxes!
    • Our Earring Extravaganza and our Bloom Box

I’d love to hear what you think! What do you love about jBloom?